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the bend in the road

published: 2019-11-03

On reaching my favourite bend in the road, I stopped to take a picture of it. This is when the good part starts. Right after that bend, everything feels lighter, like flying even sometimes, as the wind pushes you forward. Still, my legs can burn and my neck will hurt. And many other cyclists catch up on me as they are stronger, faster, better. It’s easy to then feel frustrated, all over again.
And so I stopped again, had a drink of water, watched the cows for a bit, saw a partridge who contemplated crossing the road but then decided against and hid in tall grass. I looked up at the skies and thickening clouds and considered reaching the bend of life. How everything before it has been hard work but that it will still hurt sometimes. And there will always be people doing better than me. Bet they won’t notice the partridge though.

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