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gone tomorrow

published: 2015-11-23

I have a white, flower-shaped candle holder which is only for her. It sits at the foot of my Sta. Tereza statue, who stands comfortably in a corner. There are shells too, at her feet, and a few more candles for friends who are in trouble. But this particular one is for her.
Three years ago, when we heard she wasn’t going to get better, we talked about her. ‘We’ being two friends and I, during a party in my house. One of us leaned against a door and it crushed the candle holder by mistake. The holder was all dented and cracked and had lost its shape. Still, the candle inside it burned nobly. It burned and burned and burned bringing warmth and light for longer than anyone would have expected.
Tonight is her last night. I light the candle. I have to push the holder into shape, quite forcefully. But the candle burns and it always will.

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