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first day

published: 2018-09-06

In the morning, he says “look mum. Mum, mum, look!”

He is in a stars and striped onesie, thin wrists and pale ankles sticking out, he has grown too fast.

“I am a ball,” he says. He has thought this through and has piled pillows up on the floor the to his bed. On his bed, he makes himself as small as he can, head and legs tucked in. And then he rolls off the bed, stars and stripes on the pillow.

Again. And again. And I am to look every time.

That afternoon, we ride on our bikes to his school. It is his first day at secondary school. He bikes faster than I do – the speed of nerves.From behind him, I watch his blonde head bob up and down as he stands on the pedals. He reaches the last traffic light across from his new school. The light is already green by the time I reach him and he points to the side of his bike.

“You stay here mum,” he says. And off he goes.





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