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cloud fields

published: 2015-11-02

Some words only exist in one language. Like cloud fields, although the Dutch would turn that into one word: cloudfields.
I came home from work this evening and wondered: when did Winter swallow daylight this year? I turned up the heater and sat in my armchair next to it, waiting for things to warm up.
The worst part of separation remains unchanged over the years. Having to share your son. The second worst part is that you’ve stopped sharing certain things too, like friends. They go this way or that, they melt into their lives as if their lives are the sky and I am one of the clouds in the fields.
I could use a Dutch shoulder pat, is what I thought, shoulderpat. It’s a word that means many things at once: solace, encouragement and kinship. A shoulderpat for whatever it is I did right today to make it all worthwhile. I traveled down into myself and found that person within me who was feeling forlorn. I gave her the shoulderpat myself.
It worked.
And cloudfields always change. It’s what makes them special.

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