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a million years of sun

published: 2017-03-15

The pinch of stress on realising I had forgotten to drop my son’s soccer bag off at his dad’s house. There’s so much we do well, but so hard to get it all right.
There are phone calls I have to return, things to read, follow-up to give and much more of all that, ten times over, and surely my boss will notice. Will he?
Of course not.
I call my son’s dad, tell him I’m on my way.
I jump on my bike.
The sun is shining.
The surge of happiness on seeing two kids on the shadowy side of the street. They are skipping a run, or running a skip. They set the shade alight. My son’s face explodes into a smile on seeing me, effortlessly and naturally.
A few seconds with my son, a million years of sun.

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