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Last day

published on: 31.08.2017 in: All entries

A three-year-old girl learns to swim in the pool. She is careful and her father patiently guides her. When she spots me, I praise her for her courage and she flips over onto her back and jolts into a swim. I watch her as her belly protrudes under her ribs – at that age the […]


cut this day out

published on: 28.08.2017 in: All entries

My sister said, “there is always one day you’d like to cut out of a holiday.” I am on the beach wondering about what day I’d pick. Today is a hot day with no wind. The stone-like pebbles push into my bum and legs and feel like bruises. A message rattles my phone: “Is there […]


a pink shark’s fin

published on: 23.08.2017 in: All entries

The tip of the sailing boat’s mast follows the horizon like a finger following a road on a map. A very straight road from East to West. There are swallows, two of them. They are black against the pastel coloured sky and they remind me of ink-blots. There was a little girl on the beach […]


small strokes

published on: 21.08.2017 in: All entries

I had watched him swim with a large branch and then drag it along the beach. Shoulders slumped, one hip raised, the opposite arm seemed longer than the arm alongside his hip. His body was pale and with red blotches where his sunscreen hadn’t protected his skin. Was he going to lay down somewhere with […]