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split seconds of intimacy

published on: 30.06.2014 in: All entries

We stand in the hallway: neither in nor out. My jacket zipped open: neither on nor off. Let these introductions be entirely irrelevant, please. A neither here nor there. And so we stand there smiling, the three of us, each of us hoping our smile will tell the other two we’re perfectly fine with this. […]


nobody will ever know

published on: 25.06.2014 in: All entries

A man: married, two kids. My relationship with him. He is dead now. They say that on dying, we see our entire lives in a flashback. But when someone dies, it’s not only his own life that flashes by, his shared life with others spreads across the skies. You hear the words “he is dead” […]


she died while connecting a printer

published on: 03.06.2014 in: All entries

It’s late, past midnight. I drink a beer and am rounding up my research for this evening. I simply had to know, right now, how – in factual terms – the Dutch lived in those forts in Ghana. How many of them lived there? Were they all company-employed? What were their positions, jobs, ranks? How […]