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a man died today

published on: 11.02.2014 in: All entries

A man died today, the way many men do. I hadn’t seem him for a few years, I had always intended to though. Visit him once more and a lot after that. He and his wife lived in the country I was born. I worked there, and returned there many times. The first time I […]


nothing of importance

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The man sits at the table where all the newspapers lay. He has finished his cup of coffee, a cappuccino. He is working on the newspaper’s crossword puzzles. I feel like he is trespassing somehow. Doing something that isn’t allowed. Leaving his mark on something that isn’t his, the way a graffiti artist would. I […]


and so it’s me that’s sorry

published on: 06.02.2014 in: All entries

So she looked at me, the nanny, on passing in scuttled and quiet frenzy. A stray cat, shooed out of the breakfast room. Her boss had come now. He was a bloated white man in a linen blouse, no doubt carefully ironed by her. I could not detect a single crease. His two sons were […]