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how foolish the young

published on: 31.10.2013 in: All entries

I was negotiating a contract today, and something unusual happened. Perhaps the opposing lawyer disliked listening to a contrary view, or perhaps he was simply bored. Or underpaid. Or spoiled. In any event, he suddenly threw a tantrum. During his outburst, he found it necessary to refer to me in words that would compare to […]


the man who was born with a ball in his hand

published on: 25.10.2013 in: All entries

For a second I was tempted. It was only a split second. He had handed me his iPhone and it rested on my lap. I could read every message, all of it, if I wanted to. The night before, I had gone out for drinks with a man. He had come out of his mother’s […]


picking up on pace

published on: 01.10.2013 in: All entries

The challenge in writing screenplay is this: once you change something in a scene, you’ll find yourself changing things in many, many other scenes down the line too. In retrospect this actually means you did something right, because the one scene (any scene) is supposed to influence the next. That’s the whole purpose of screenwriting. […]