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Queen of the Night

published on: 26.07.2013 in: All entries

She shows up in front of our car. We are about to leave, my sister and I. She looks confused, is what I think. She is almost 80. She asks whether we’re leaving or arriving, or are we the people she heard in the garden next door? The ones she didn’t dare disturb? Leaving, we […]


the 25,000 euros reward

published on: 25.07.2013 in: All entries

I am a man in my fifties. Doing all right – one should always give some and take some in life. I look good, if I may say so myself. The benefits of discipline, which I have in me, it’s a family trait. Head strong and powerful. Maybe my career isn’t where it’s supposed to […]


floating even higher above

published on: 24.07.2013 in: All entries

When my husband and I separated, it was a sunny month. I was outside a lot feeling revived. Suddenly, my world had enough oxygen to spare. It had vast open skies. I could imagine what a bird must feel like, soaring through them, viewing the world from above. The people closest to me would frown […]


he hadn’t been there to help her

published on: 21.07.2013 in: All entries

When he came home, she was hanging from the door. He knew the moment his key turned in the lock. There was a weight in the air, and it wasn’t the summer heat. It stuck to his palate on breathing in. He called her name. He never called her name. She was always there, ready […]


he won’t have to shout

published on: 15.07.2013 in: All entries

The sad man, or strange man, or creepy man – he’s all of those – talks to himself. Sometimes he tries to talk to me. I’ll nod at him, or say hello. And he’ll jump up and lean over his table to say “oh yes, of course. I believe we met. Might I ask if […]


the wasted morning

published on: 10.07.2013 in: All entries

You could say it’s been a wasted morning. Too much to do, too little done. A run in the park which wasn’t a run but a walk. Cutting corners and deciding that you should no longer smoke. And yet, you are smoking now. When have you last gone for a walk? And noticed the raspberry […]