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fiction is cruel

published on: 22.04.2013 in: All entries

I watch a TV series. An actor. He is an acquaintance of mine. His role is to act how he has done wrong to his wife, and he somehow doesn’t see. His wife in the story tries to tell him. He doesn’t listen. He is wrapped up in his own frustrations. He only realizes he […]


brother, sister

published on: 20.04.2013 in: All entries

Past midnight, empty highway, moonlit sky. On the radio, a politician discussed foreign policy. Our country had turned its back to the greater world. It was time to change that. He knew how. He gave examples, proving his expertise, sharing his wisdom in a flat and professional voice. Toward the end, the interviewer asked what […]


the void of gratitude

published on: 15.04.2013 in: All entries

I asked some people over. All evening, I felt something was missing. This void floated on a yearning and kept me up all night. Eating, drinking, smoking, talking, dancing, laughing. Eating more, drinking more, until birds started singing and it was time to sleep. These same people have often advised me to think less than […]


non-earthly love

published on: 10.04.2013 in: All entries

“Neutral,” said my osteopath, “I maintain neutrality while treating you.” He was referring to how I laid on his table, in undies, my eyes closed. He was doing something to the membranes around my skull. It’s hard to say what exactly, but there was a solemn intensity to it. He said that sometimes, he looks […]


rock bottom

published on: 07.04.2013 in: All entries

Once upon a time, I lost my voice. I couldn’t speak for a year or two. It wasn’t an easy predicament to be in considering I was a lawyer at the time. During those years of distress, a friend asked: “have you hit rock-bottom yet?” It had me wondering how you know if you’ve hit […]