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this is it. for now.

published on: 30.01.2013 in: All entries

“Good enough” is not even the issue. It’s understanding the state of your art. Writing means endless rewriting, and if you’re one of those people who think every sentence you’ve jotted down is a work of genius, then that’s simply the mark of amateurism. Because the truth is: you can rewrite and rewrite and rewrite […]


it’s the same for love

published on: 29.01.2013 in: All entries

The dance teacher has us on our knees in front of a chair. The palms of our hands push hard against that chair. We are to open our shoulder blades and subsequently chest. Meanwhile our stomach muscles work hard to not strain the lower back. “See?” she says, “now you can finally relax the trapezium […]


snow angels

published on: 17.01.2013 in: All entries

My six year old son bursts into my parents’ home. I’m standing there making a phone call as opposed to sledding outside in the snow. He is frantic: he needs a camera, quick. He is followed by my father who has only just returned from Tanzania. His face is tanned and torn, spots of pigment […]


when raindrops feel like snowflakes

published on: 14.01.2013 in: All entries

The woman is the same, but her pace is different. It is light and her hips swing gently, left to right. Her skin has tightened itself around her face, her eyes have opened to see more of the world. Raindrops feel like snowflakes to her. She stands, while the other woman sits on the floor […]


life itself and the craft of writing

published on: 12.01.2013 in: All entries

Every good film mimics the path and pacing of an entire lifetime, but squeezed into 1,5 hours. Things speed up as the years pass. We all have our inciting incidents and points of no return. And what about how scenes are ideally structured? “Every scene has to turn,” I once learned that somewhere, probably from […]


it might be embarrassing

published on: 08.01.2013 in: All entries

A woman has not seen her daughter for over a year. Her daughter has become a dancer. She never understood why. Did her daughter realize she was throwing her future away? Mother should know, she used to be a mezzo=soprano but then developed anxiety attacks which resulted in her vocal cords slamming shut. She never […]


yesterday was old, today is new

published on: 01.01.2013 in: All entries

The man I was talking to in a bar yesterday referred to his two daughters. They were too old to be celebrating New Year’s Eve with him, with us. Past twenty already. At one stage I asked whether he was still with the mother of his children. “Oh no,” he said. They had separated over […]