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published on: 25.12.2012 in: All entries

Melchior’s Xmas. (read here) Melchior = main character, former Consul General Mercy = his housekeeper from Ghana Folkert = friend & colleague diplomat Leandra = his wife who is in a clinic in France.


this world, where you and I dwell

published on: 21.12.2012 in: All entries

Here’s what I want to do tonight. I want to drink wine with you, or beer, and dance with you and fly into this night, straight through the fears, the tears, cut them in twos or threes or thousands of millions of pieces, tiny grains of sand, cells, amoeba, even smaller still, nuclei which dissolve […]


rest in peace dear @writerontwitter

published on: 19.12.2012 in: All entries

“This is A Man. I am Writerontwitter’s husband. I don’t know any other way to say it but that Writerontwitter passed away in her sleep October 8th. Your book was the first and last Ebook she ever read and she finished it in a couple of days so she must have found it very compelling […]


just as the song says

published on: 17.12.2012 in: All entries

I sat in on my son’s music class today. The teacher must have been only 20. She held her guitar against her body like a shield. She practiced songs with the children, taught them rhythm and to listen to words. I had never heard the two songs before. They were about Christmas. My son remembered […]


brazil and the way of waters

published on: 07.12.2012 in: All entries

One song. I close my eyes. Despite the winter I am back there, back in Brazil. In a small place called Buzios. The warmth of daily life at the time fills my ears, spills over into my chest. We were in Rio then. And even though Rio meant we were hundreds of miles away from […]


the gift

published on: 05.12.2012 in: All entries

There was a bag on the floor. It was a small duffel bag, black. It was heavier than it would seem as it looked empty. The top half was dented in its own air. With my foot, I shifted it slightly. Then I kneeled by it. I felt hesitant. On zipping it open I discovered […]


a word of advice on advice

published on: 02.12.2012 in: All entries

To call someone when you feel sad. And that person is happy to give you advice. That person may well say things like: “Resist every temptation. Be strong. You shouldn’t feel like you need to move to the other side of the world in order to be able to stop this.” “But… but, I was […]


love colored by gunpowder

published on: 01.12.2012 in: All entries

Today, I found myself staring at a painting of Malevich. What thoughts had passed? Many more than a minute can possibly capture. What the hell was I staring at? A war. A Russian war. With fields and bayonets and skies colored by gunpowder, sand and smoke. Blood too. I could almost hear the slaughter, smell […]


there’s nothing you can do

published on: 30.11.2012 in: All entries

A woman’s husband is depressed. For a while, she thought she was depressed and not him. But he has now told her he needs some time for himself. It’s not her, he adds. And he’ll figure it out. It’s not me, she thinks, it’s not me. See? It’s not me. She could drive over to […]


as if nothing happened, II

published on: 21.11.2012 in: All entries

My son has been complaining about a stomach ache. I give in and tell him he can stay home from school, but he has to understand that I need to get some work done. Ironically, for a kid’s TV series. In fact, now that he’s here, I may as well ask him a few things. […]