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Archive for August, 2011

the sea and the wind

published on: 23.08.2011 in: All entries

You are the sea. A vast, wide-open ocean of confidence. You know no horizons, no end. In fact, you define the horizons. You move in slow motion, a giant, powerful force. Warm blooded and cold, light and dark. You harbor the starfish and the eels. The whales and the sea horses. You carry the hurricanes, […]


the olympic swimmer

published on: 17.08.2011 in: All entries

The Olympic Games. A woman wanted to be a part of something grand. So she used her charm and pleaded with an acquaintance of hers. He was a very important person of some sort. He told her, “you just got lucky. The Dutch national team is out of swimmers so there’s an empty lane for […]


a man makes his way to a woman

published on: 14.08.2011 in: All entries

Stop eating and look around, just for a minute. A whole mountain of things. Why choose if you can have everything, all of it, all the time? Eat, sleep, complain, gain. Or lose? People lose, sometimes. That too. A man makes his way to a woman. Their bodies spell out their age: seventy. They are […]


water tornado

published on: 04.08.2011 in: All entries

The silent world we dwell in. The muted one, numbed. The one in which life has been narrowed down to only one central character: you. The rest circles around you. This tiny little world. Round and round it goes, swirl and twirl. “A water tornado,” says my son as he turns circles in a swimming […]