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consolation and hope

published on: 30.03.2011 in: All entries

She sits next to me reading. She is a chubby and plain woman, freckled and flushed. I ask whether she minds that I take the chair next to her. It’s a tight fit. Not at all, she mumbles and gives me an encouraging nod. Some people actually don’t mind these things. After a while, she […]


run, jump, scream

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A few teenage girls screamed next door. They continued to do so as they burst out onto the streets. One was still putting on her gym-shoe, the other was biking off. And there were more inside. It sounded like an argument, but you can never quite tell. They were in their own world, oblivious to […]


thirsty leather

published on: 26.03.2011 in: All entries

The stale smell of leather. It hit me while standing outside the home I used to live in. Twenty five years had passed and almost nothing had remained unchanged, neither inside nor out. Except for that one wall, the low brick wall that separated the terrace from the garden. I stared at the wall and […]


gone is the power of now

published on: 23.03.2011 in: All entries

A woman comes out of a train station. She steps into bright sunlight and squeezes her eyes. Without the sun, it would look like she is very angry. Angry and rushed. While walking, she eats a partly wrapped sandwich, steady paced. Suddenly she stops and looks up at the skies. People keep walking and rushing […]


in the sun, she said

published on: 20.03.2011 in: All entries

I have looked at this woman many times before, as she rushes off to work, and I bring my son to school. We are nothing special really. Two in a kazillion. Hello, how are you. Fine yes – busy busy important job- and you? We should do drinks sometime. Yes, let’s do that. Bye. Then […]



published on: 17.03.2011 in: All entries

Imagine sitting in a car. Imagine the world is exploding outside.Imagine dancing on the ceiling, seeing everything upside down. Inside out. The world is turning. Burning. Imagine listening to a song. Imagine it’s perfect. How empty we would feel.


my sister came by today

published on: 13.03.2011 in: All entries

I remember interviewing for a job while in fact I was sick. This job meant the world to me: it meant providing a framework to my sanity.After leaving the interview, I was surprised to see my sister sitting outside. She had a job herself and had apparently taken the day off. Seeing her there felt […]


what we learn from each other

published on: 10.03.2011 in: All entries

I wandered from room to room, absorbing their drawings and paintings, uninfluenced by anyone else’s presence. Just me and their works of art. The pieces were difficult to look at, unsettling and confrontational. Contorting female bodies, anatomical regurgitations, physical exhaustion, tension. Their subjects were placed amidst hellish nightmares of dancers and children and furry greens […]


you’re truly very wonderful

published on: 09.03.2011 in: All entries

She was extremely irritated. I knew she would be. It’s why I delayed making the phone call I had promised my neighbour I’d make. The request was simple enough: please call such and so nail-manicure-salon and ask whether I can join their 10-week course. My neighbour has been looking for a job, something to do, […]


once upon a time

published on: 07.03.2011 in: All entries

Once upon a time, a woman who is tired and weary and looking for broccoli in her local supermarket – not that the kids will ever eat it but she keeps trying – runs into a man. Worse even, she trips and falls against him. He isn’t astonishingly handsome or anything. But his greying hair […]