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the drama we call friendship

published on: 29.12.2010 in: All entries

Two girls in their early twenties. Friends. They wear the same style bikini’s. The bikini looks great on the one that stands knee high in the sea, one hand on her hip. She has light-blonde hair, her skin is tanned and firm. A pound or two too heavy on the hips, but she’s of the […]


I thought you’d never ask

published on: 23.12.2010 in: All entries

He puts his arms around her and cradles her. It’s his job to do so. A gentle rocking motion, back and forth. Relax, he thinks.She has asked whether he minds that she flirts with him? For example when he says, “all right then, take off your top,” she jokes, “I thought you’d never ask”. He […]


4,95 and a snow white hat

published on: 21.12.2010 in: All entries

I had a meeting – or was it a chat? There was Jasmine tea – with a man of substance and grace and we spoke of his plans, my plans, of his projects and mine after which I stepped into the minus 5 degrees which it was outside and crossed over through slush and snow […]



published on: 16.12.2010 in: All entries

She had resisted going on facebook. The thought of it tired her. Facebook was all about the past. Life was now. She hadn’t gone through therapy to get over the past only to welcome it right back into her life with a click of the mouse, had she? Eventually though, she had a small peek. […]


being the impossible

published on: 12.12.2010 in: All entries

She was perfect. Fair skinned, rosy cheeked. She had learned to smile, to be nice, to be pretty, to be polite, to show interest, to help a friend in need. But as she grew older, people no longer called her naive. They called her ignorant instead. She could hear them sneering at her. Their looks […]


My truth is a different one than yours

published on: 09.12.2010 in: All entries

“My truth is a different one than yours,” she said.   I had stepped into a coffee shop looking for a croissant and there she was. This lovely woman. A dazzling beauty with an overwhelmingly harismatic smile. Her eyes were soft. She said hello and complimented me for having written a novel. I knew her, […]


Crossing the street with Dutch chocolate

published on: 06.12.2010 in: All entries

I crossed the street carrying chocolate. Rang the doorbell. “I came to give you this, it’s a Dutch tradition,” I said. It was a specific kind of chocolate.Did I honestly think I’d get away with just that and then swiftly return to my home, to my newspapers and magazines? My glass of wine?Of course Leila […]



published on: 05.12.2010 in: All entries

It’s hard to see a sister cry isn’t it? To just listen. To not want to cheer her up by saying everything will be fine. Not try to solve things for her, things she may not even want solved. Not tell her about when you went through something similar, only last week when…No, stop. Be […]



published on: 02.12.2010 in: All entries

Winter. You tell me the tale of lost friendships. Of family, by a Christmas tree, pretending to have been unaffected by the cold. To feel warm and fuzzy. To turn our backs to the window that feels chilly, behind which the winds howl and the once gentle snow has turned to ice. Draw the curtains, […]