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Kentucky wedding meet the Dutch

published on: 27.09.2009 in: All entries

My aunt is wearing a Dutch traditional headset, orange coloured clogs and a red-white-blue sash as I enter her hotel room. She is flushed and confused, the way a child can be flushed on seeing all the effort she put into a drawing thrown into a trash-can. On the couch sits my American cousin’s (ie […]


TV commercial

published on: 23.09.2009 in: All entries

When we visit New York, on day one my man and I find ourselves dreaming up plans of staying here for some time. But as much as I love New York, by day two I'm wondering will I ever adjust to the amount of TV channels. Or grasp the abundancy of choices in any miscellaneous […]


New York

published on: 22.09.2009 in: All entries

"A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork. That's the way you spell New York, right on. Woo, right on." 



published on: 18.09.2009 in: All entries

September longs for respect. It laughs and cries, crawls but flies. In frantic states of confusion, delusion, illusion of summer, then spring. No, winter, the very next day. Carefree, as it blows a leaf or two from trees. Teases and pleases and protests. Then boughs under the weight of its own arrogance. Crumbles and whimpers […]


Questions and Answers

published on: 15.09.2009 in: All entries

There is a logical scheme to life. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but things happen. And they happen for a reason. Last week, inuitively, I sent my highschool/uni boyfriend an email. I simply needed to know how he was doing. It was a compelling thought, not a choice. He responded and sent […]



published on: 14.09.2009 in: All entries

“Do you ever have that?” I asked my upstairs neighbour “that you suddenly blow a fuse and scream your lungs out about something entirely innocent?”She remained quiet for a second.“Like maybe on the phone? With a tax-officer or something?” “Yes,” she said, in her pleasantly quiet and collected way, “and recently at work we closed […]


Revenge in the face of love

published on: 12.09.2009 in: All entries

At a farewell party the other night, I chatted with a gay couple. They had a dog, a Doberman if I’m not to be mistaken. Or in the very least a mix of such. When a heavyset man in black entered the bar, the dog barked and growled. One of the two gays took the […]


Come what may

published on: 09.09.2009 in: All entries

I once dreamed what people were to meet me on the other side. My grandma, for one. But there were other people too, who aren’t dead yet so I won’t mention their names. I wonder whether what I dreamed holds true. Perhaps I’m creating my own truth by believing it. The people waiting for me […]


Above your level

published on: 07.09.2009 in: All entries

Flamenco season has started and as always: along with classes come insights. I registered for extra classes in technique. Ten minutes into the class I found myself bent over double, holding my head, trying to win a battle against severe nausea. What happened?¬†Twirls.¬†We were to practice twirls and had to do so along the diagonals […]


Bertha’s moment

published on: 02.09.2009 in: All entries

It was an exceptionally fine day at the lagoa. Cars raged by. Unforgiving, as they always were. But it didn’t matter. The air felt like a first summer day in Europe, the place she had left when she was five. Lazy and hazy. A flower fell from a tree into her lap. It had done […]