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Negative space

published on: 15.01.2009 in: All entries

Flamenco classes have started again. And my teacher said something interesting. We were dancing a Soliana which is slow. You take a step and wait ages before taking another one, during which time you feel entirely uncomfortable about your limbs. She said: "the challenge in flamenco is to use the spaces between the steps, when […]



published on: 14.01.2009 in: All entries

If I wasn’t already doomed to forever remain miss uptight & neurotic at the place I rented office space, I certainly am now. Keeping a blog is risky business: as said before, what I jot down here are partial, dramatized truths. And believe me, I’m already censoring myself because if I were to go all […]



published on: 12.01.2009 in: All entries

I looked up towards the skies. It was only after a second that I realized the building wasn't falling, the clouds were moving. In the next second I realized the world wasn't crumbling, I was.


Popularity test

published on: 11.01.2009 in: All entries

How is it possible – I wondered – that my stats rocketed this Sunday (which generally speaking is a quiet day as people aren't at work looking for distractions from work)? The answer was what I feared it to be, simply google "lice and ice" and you'll find my posting listed in the top five […]


Lice and ice

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This weekend has been dominated by two wonders of this world: lice and ice. Thank God both are present at the same time as it being below zero outside facilitates our getting rid of the lice that decided to feast on our heads. 24 hours in the freezing cold apparently kills them. So now all […]


You win some, you lose some

published on: 09.01.2009 in: All entries

It turns out the tenant here is really decent and cool: he offered me a quieter office space in a different part of the building until things settle down (and all necessary refurbishing, smoking has been done etc.). Great! It also turns out that in the aftermath of the law-suit episode last year, a new […]


Oral hygienist returned

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I felt the issue of the fair-skinned, blue-eyed, 22 year old oral hygienist who converted to the Muslim faith deserved a little more attention. I've decided that in 2009 I'd like to be less opiniated about people. Especially as the fine line between opinion and criticism is easily crossed. "Opinions" stand in the way of […]


A day’s work

published on: 08.01.2009 in: All entries

Quite a few things happen in a day (and a half), and it's alway hard to choose what detail to write about. So today I'll write a few, such as: *I decided to be a brave and confident female who is perfectly capable of addressing the "smoke" issue, after which my friendly relationship with the […]



published on: 07.01.2009 in: All entries

I have been asked to write a piece on a novel which is to be released in Holland and has been labeled 'pornographic' literature. For this, I'm researching feminism and what the feminist take is on autobiographical sex-novels written by females. The more I'm reading, the more confused I'm getting. I'm reaching a point where […]


The ex-smoker

published on: 05.01.2009 in: All entries

I found new office space, hurray!! Today, I happily moved a desk and chair and a lamp over to my new office overlooking a canal and was ready for action. Except I then found out that everyone working for the company that rents out these office spaces all smoke, and I’m right next to what […]